190T Semi-Dull Nylon Taffeta Fabric

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  • Composition: 100% Nylon
  • Yarn Count: 70Dx70D
  • Density: 190T
  • Weight: 58GSM
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    Nylon was developed by the outstanding American scientist Carothers and a scientific research team under his leadership. It is the first synthetic fiber to appear in the world. Nylon is a term for polyamide fiber.

    The emergence of nylon has given a new look to textiles. Its synthesis is a major breakthrough in the synthetic fiber industry and a very important milestone in polymer chemistry.

    Polyamide is mainly used for synthetic fibers. Its most prominent advantage is that its abrasion resistance is higher than all other fibers, 10 times higher than cotton, 20 times higher than wool, and a little polyamide fiber is added to the blended fabric. Greatly improve its wear resistance; when stretched to 3-6%, the elastic recovery rate can reach 100%; it can withstand tens of thousands of times of bending without breaking.

    The strength of polyamide fiber is 1-2 times higher than cotton, 4-5 times higher than wool, and 3 times stronger than viscose fiber. However, polyamide fibers have poor heat resistance and light resistance, and poor retention, and the clothes made are not as firm as polyester. In addition, nylon-66 and nylon-6 used for clothing have the shortcomings of poor hygroscopicity and dyeability. For this reason, new varieties of polyamide fibers-new polyamide fibers of nylon-3 and nylon-4 have been developed. Light weight, excellent wrinkle resistance, good air permeability, good durability, dyeability and heat setting characteristics, so it is considered to be very promising.


    After processing, nylon taffeta can be presented in more ways, some can be refined, dyed or printed, some can be calendered or embossed; some can be coated.

    After whitening, dyeing, printing, calendering, and embossing, nylon spinning will become more smooth and dense, and the taffeta surface will become smoother. It feels very soft. Lightweight but very solid and wear-resistant, the color is very bright, easy to clean, and it dries quickly. Nylon taffeta is mainly used in men's and women's clothing fabrics. Coated nylon taffeta is impermeable to wind and water, and has anti-down properties. It is used as fabric for ski shirts, raincoats, sleeping bags, and mountaineering clothes.

    Product Name 190T Semi-Dull Nylon Taffeta Fabric
    Model No. HYNL001
    Feature Plain
    Composition 100% Nylon
    Yarn Count 70Dx70D
    Density 190T
    Weight 58GSM
    Width 57/58"
    Sample A4 Size
    MOQ 3000M
    Color Customized

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