230T Polyester Taffeta Fabric

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  • Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Yarn Count: 63D*66D
  • Density: 230T
  • Weight: 66GSM
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    Polyester taffeta is made of polyester yarn or imitation yarn. Polyester taffeta is a kind of all-polyester thin fabric, which is woven by polyester filament, with bright appearance and smooth hand feeling. This kind of cloth is called polyester taffeta, which can be used for fabrics and linings. Nowadays, there are more linings.
    After dyeing, printing, embossing, coating and other post-treatments, polyester taffeta has the advantages of light and thin texture, durable and easy to wash, low price and good quality. It has been used as lining accessories for all kinds of clothing and bags. The hand feels smooth, non-sticky, elastic, bright and dazzling, bright and eye-catching, not easy to wrinkle, and the shrinkage rate is less than 5%. The monofilament has uniform thickness and is not easy to break. Ignite the fiber, there are other smells.
    Polyester taffeta is suitable for jackets, down jackets, umbrellas, car covers, sportswear, handbags, bags, sleeping bags, tents, artificial flowers, shower curtains, table cloths, chair covers and various high-end clothing linings. Polyester taffeta is also a traditional fabric of chemical fiber fabrics. It was once popular for a while, but its sales decreased with the rise of other new chemical fiber fabrics. In recent years, polyester taffeta fabrics have used matte yarns, and they have entered the market with a colorful new look. Using matte polyester yarns, the fabrics are softer in color and beautiful and charming, suitable for making casual wear, sportswear, children's wear, etc. There are as many as dozens of colors, and the upper body is ready to be worn, which is fashionable and beautiful, but also adds attractive charm. Due to its beautiful appearance and low price, the matte polyester taffeta is very popular among users.

    Product Name 230T Polyester Taffeta Fabric
    Model No. HYTF0028
    Feature Plain Woven Taffeta Fabric
    Composition 100% Polyester
    Yarn Count 63D*66D
    Density 230T
    Weight 66GSM
    Width 57/58"
    Sample A4 Size
    MOQ 3000M
    Color Customized


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